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Akaisha spotted anything and everything I needed to know about each property that interested me.

I felt well-informed when making an offer. She was so thorough that I sometimes wondered how she accomplished everything so quickly and efficiently. But most of all, Akaisha became a genuine friend because she wanted only the best for me. That became more and more obvious as we spent many hours looking for a place for me to buy. Akaisha went out of her way to accommodate my schedule and to make sure I knew about all properties available in my price range. She thoroughly researched so many properties for me that I can't imagine how many hours it took for her to do that. I am very picky, but she never questioned my reasons for not being interested in a place. She just wanted me to find something I loved. Akaisha never gave up on me, so after about a two-month search we finally found a house I am thrilled to own, as she had faith I would.

Marilyn K.

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